Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Materials For Sticker Printing

When starting a sticker printing business, you should be able to determine all costs, including the initial printer cost and the cost of ink cartridges. Then, you should be able to determine your profit margin. If you want to make more money, you can use die-cut stickers and Prismatic, glitter, or kraft paper, but these can be expensive. Therefore, before you purchase these materials, you should learn about their uses, advantages, and disadvantages.

sticker printing AdelaideDie-cut stickers

One of the significant advantages of sticker printing is the ability to create custom shapes. Unlike the traditional square or circle shapes, die-cut stickers allow any contour, pattern, or shape to be cut into them. These shapes add to the overall look of the sticker, making it easier to distinguish the design from the background. You can use die-cut stickers for product promotions, bottle labels, and other applications. These stickers can also be used for personal use, as they can be custom-shaped to suit your tastes. Visit for more information.

Prismatic paper

Colourful holographic stickers offer an eye-catching way to advertise your business, brand or event. Printed on signature Bombproof(tm) material, these labels are waterproof, scratch-resistant and UV resistant. This material is ideal for printing custom stickers. To learn more about Prismatic holographic stickers, read on! The benefits of using hologram stickers for sticker printing are endless. Let us explore a few of them!

Glitter paper

The best part about glitter paper for sticker printing is its shimmering effect. The material’s adhesive backing and printable surface make it perfect for sticker printing. And because the glitter is woven into the material, the glitter won’t flake or dust off. It makes adding glamour to your product labels a breeze. And with its print-to-the-edge layout, you can design a sticker with full-bleed images.

Kraft paper

Custom printed kraft paper stickers are perfect for handmade marketing items and gourmet foods. They can also be used as shipping package pieces, addressing envelopes, and labelling storage. When used for label printing, kraft paper is an affordable and sustainable option. Gogoprint offers a variety of options, and they offer free shipping and delivery! To learn more about the advantages of custom-printed kraft stickers, read on. Below are a few reasons you should consider using kraft paper for sticker printing.

Glow in the dark paper

You’ll love using the Glow in the Dark Paper by Silhouette if you have a Silhouette cutting machine. This paper is perfect for making your stickers glow in the dark. First, print your stickers on a regular printer and cut them with your Silhouette Cameo, Curio, or Portrait. The package has two sheets, each measuring 8.5 in. x 11 in. Visit for more information.

Crack and peel the paper

You can make labels with any ink colours using crack and peel paper. These stickers are an excellent option for product labelling, barcoding, attention-getting, and more. You can choose the number of colours printed on the labels and the type of backing. The backing will easily peel away once the labels are removed from the printer. Crack and peel labels have hinges in the middle to facilitate easy application and removal.

Glossy UV-coated paper

Sticker printing on glossy 70lb paper is a fast and affordable way to promote your events or products. The paper is coated with a UV coating that creates a shiny finish. The stickers can be printed in full colour with CMYK inks. Despite the glossy finish, they do not resist water. Nevertheless, these stickers are great for gift tags and promotional handouts.

Remember that this is not an easy task when printing a solid colour over a large area. Pantone printing is an option, but it will cost you more than standard CMYK printing. You should also be aware of the cost of Pantone printing since it produces cleaner and crisper colours. And if you’re printing on a large scale, be prepared to spend more on sticker printing. Also, remember that the print quality settings in most printers let you change the speed and amount of ink used. Switching from draft mode to best print quality mode will take longer than in the regular or draft print modes.