Brass Kitchen Handles

If you’re looking for a stylish way to update your kitchen with Lo & Co Interiors brass kitchen handles, consider Lo-And-Co-Interiors’ collection of brass kitchen handles. These handles are solid, durable and highly resilient, and they will last a lifetime when taken care of properly. To give your brass fixtures a sleek, modernistic look, consider polishing them. They tend to be a brilliant, vibrant colour.

Bar handles are pull-out handles.

brass kitchen handlesBrass is an old-school choice for knobs and drawer pulls. It has been used for more than three centuries for furniture production, and you can easily spot brass hardware in many historical pieces. Its high copper content can destroy harmful microbes. It is strong and durable and can be moulded into different shapes. Brass is also recyclable, and you can choose solid brass if you want to ensure that it is brass all the way through.

Cup handles are circular.

These cup-shaped pulls are commonly placed horizontally on cabinet drawers. The handles of pull-out storage are typically centred on the top rail of the door frame, but they can be vertical or horizontal. The cup-shaped handles, also known as bin pulls, were popularized in Victorian-era kitchens. They look elegant when paired with a corresponding cabinet knob and are easy to grasp and pull.

Edge profile handles are stable.

The Edge Straight handle is one of the most popular Lo & Co Interiors brass kitchen handles. Its distinctive, swivelling edge offers an ultra-modern aesthetic. It is compatible with boxes and standard doors of 16 to 20 millimetres in thickness. The Edge Straight handles are easy to install due to their patented design that screws in from behind. It makes them a perfect fit for contemporary kitchens. In addition to being stable, they also offer a sleek look that will impress guests.

Polished brass gives a patina look.

Untreated brass gives a matte impression. While polished brass is the most common finish for kitchenware, untreated brass has a unique matte appearance. This kind of finish reveals the true colour of the metal while allowing the metal to age and patinate over time. Because of this, untreated brass is less expensive than polished brass and will age even more beautifully. As a result, matte brass handles will resemble the original appearance of untreated brass and are therefore ideal for kitchens.

Nickel handles are more traditional.

The most popular finish for kitchen hardware is brushed nickel, which blends well with traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, and transitional design styles. While it can appear shiny at first glance, brushed nickel hides dirt and scratches better. Instead, choose polished chrome faucets and hardware for a more modern look, as they complement a cool colour palette. Brushed nickel handles go well with various colours, from red to green.

Chrome handles are more expensive.

If you’re considering buying chrome kitchen handles, make sure you buy from a reputable supplier. Chrome plating can fool consumers into thinking that cheaper fixtures are higher quality. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent choice for a contemporary kitchen and is the most common finish on kitchen hardware. This finish blends with various styles and colour schemes, including a modern, farmhouse, transitional, and traditional. Some brushed nickel fixtures will even have a patina with an antique feel. Brushed nickel cabinet handles look great in many wood shades, and you’ll find that brushed nickel hardware goes with most other finishes.

Choose Lo & Co Interiors brass kitchen handles for an even more refined look. They feature a sturdy construction made of high-quality brass. These handles also feature copper content for added anti-bacterial properties. It makes them perfect for use on kitchen cabinets and doors, where hygiene is crucial. And because they are so sturdy, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. It ensures that you’ll have a beautiful kitchen that will be functional and elegant for years to come.