Floor Sanding and Polishing – The Three Stages

Before sanding and polishing your floor, you should know the three stages. These stages are: choosing the right sander, applying urethane polish, and protecting items from the sanding process. Before you begin, make sure to clear all the dust from the floor. Before sanding and polishing your floor, you should remove any loose floorboards and furniture.

Three stages of floor sanding and polishing

	floor sanding and polishing AdelaideThe first step in the floor sanding and polishing Adelaide process is the edging. It involves sanding the edges of floorboards and the main surface. The edging stage is often completed using a hand scraper, which is used in difficult-to-reach areas. The next step is the hard plating stage, which involves using a rotary sanding machine and a wooden base plate. This process produces a flat surface and can also eliminate minor sanding imperfections.

After the edging process, the next stage of floor sanding and polishing involves removing any old finish. In doing this, the first cut of 36-grit paper is used. This grit may be followed by 24 or even 24-grit paper for glue floors. The edge is sanded once the floor is smooth using an edging machine. Next, the second cut is made with 60-grit paper, and this is usually done with a large belt sander in line with the grain of the timber.

Choosing the right sander

When choosing a floor sander, consider how much work it will be. Choosing the right grit is important to achieve a smooth surface. For example, if you’re sanding a wood floor, you should use a higher grit than on a tile floor. The higher grit sandpaper is designed to remove a thin layer of wood while leaving the rest intact. A lower grit sander may leave a deep scratch in the wood and cause premature finish wear in a high-traffic area.

Considering how much work you’ll be doing, choose a sander that’s appropriate for the size of the floor. You’ll also want to consider how badly the floor requires repair. For example, a newly installed floor may not need much work, but a worn-out floor may require more attention. Floor sanders can be divided into three main types: edge floor sanders, drum sanders, and drum sanders.

Using urethane polish

The first step in the floor sanding and polishing Adelaide process is to sand the surface. This process creates a rough surface, which helps bond the layer of polyurethane. Sanding will be less intense after the first layer if you have a smooth floor. After sanding, allow the floor to dry completely before you proceed. There are different methods of sanding depending on the type of polyurethane polish you’re using. For example, you’ll need steel wool for oil-based polyurethane, while water-based polyurethane is sanded with an abrasive pad.

Urethane-finished floors are easy to maintain and require little maintenance. It would be best if you were careful, however. Water can severely damage your floor finish. Water should never be wiped or mopped directly onto it. It can cause a peeling or bubbling effect. You should also avoid wet mopping your floors with water to preserve their finish. And of course, you should avoid using any cleaning products on these floors that contain harsh chemicals or high-suds.

Protecting objects from floor sanding and polishing

Before sanding your floors, you should remove any furniture or other items from the room. Sanding creates dust that can harm nearby objects and pollute the air. Ensure you cover electrical outlets and plug sockets with masking tape or another method to avoid dust. While sanding, you should also wear protective gear, including goggles, ear protection, and a dust mask. Keep an eye on your footing so you don’t trip over wires from the sander.

Depending on the condition of the floor before sanding, the type of polish you choose, and the size of the area you want to resurface, floor sanding and polishing may take several days. However, the actual process may take as little as one day or a week, depending on the size of the floor area and the room’s temperature at the time. If you have a large room, you can hire a company that provides floor sanding services.