How to Choose a Marquee Hire Company

When choosing the right marquee hire company for your event, you should have a clear idea of what your needs are. It’s essential to hire a company that can accommodate your specific needs, which may include various things. For instance, you should know how many guests your marquee needs to accommodate and how much power your marquee needs to provide power to the catering and entertainment.

Recommended Marquee Hire AdelaideCost of marquee hire

The cost of hiring a marquee can vary greatly depending on the length of the hire and the event. Marquees are typically set up a few days before the event and require time to be packed down after the event. In addition, an enormous marquee requires more setup and cleaning time, which can increase the cost of marquee hire.

The size and style of the marquee will determine the cost, as will the number of guests. The price of the marquee will increase if you request extras, such as lighting or matting. If you decide to go with an already existing marquee, you can also save money by choosing to do some decorating yourself. The DIY decoration is also an option for those on a budget, and if you’re feeling creative, this can help you make the most of the space. Learn more about the Recommended Marquee Hire Adelaide.

Size of marquee

The size of a marquee you need depends on the number of guests you expect to invite. For example, if you want a wedding reception, you’ll need a larger marquee than if you’re hosting a small dinner and dance. The size of your marquee will also depend on whether you’ll need more space for catering or a DJ.

When your event is held outdoors in a particularly windy region, you’ll need to choose a different marquee size. The smaller, budget-style marquees are not rated to handle winds of 15 to 20 mph, so when you want to hire a marquee for a windy area, you’ll need a bigger one. Also, the weight of your marquee will depend on the type you choose. It may be weighed down by water barrels, concrete blocks, or stakes in the ground. You’ll need to consider the ground surface, access to power, and the space around the marquee.

Number of guests

When hiring a marquee, the number of guests can significantly affect the size of the marquee. The marquee size is sometimes based on the number of guests standing up. To get an accurate estimate, consult a marquee hire vendor. You can also ask for additional services such as sound systems and lighting. A good marquee hire company will also be happy to help you with any special effects.

The number of guests needed for a marquee will depend on the type of function you are holding. For example, if your wedding is for around 100 guests standing up, you should consider hiring a marquee at least nine by fifteen metres. Ensure you factor in enough space for a stage and a bar. Also, consider whether the floor will suit the purpose and whether there is enough room inside the marquee. Learn more about the Recommended Marquee Hire Adelaide.

Basic decoration variations

A marquee can be decorated in several fundamental ways. Some people use specialist linings, such as fringe curtains or circular drape pieces. These can be used to divide marquee areas or act as decorative columns. Depending on the lighting used, they can also be used to create a dramatic focal point.

The reputation of the marquee hire company

When hiring a marquee hire company, reputation is an essential factor. A good marquee hire company will not make a mistake during the event. Therefore, you should visit their premises before your event to ensure the marquee meets your requirements. The setup time should also be considered, primarily if the event occurs at a challenging location.