So what’s to live for?
I’m placing an American Express Gold Card
on the cash desk – seven hundred and fifty dollars
down the drain
for a fantasy rhinestone pump
with spike heels.
Yesterday, it was paisley-gilded
black brocade lace-ups with a louis heel.
My analyst said, ‘Indulge.’
So I’m indulging already!
I think I’d rather have an affair.
My Grecian slave sandals
would come in handy for that
or maybe my fuchsia satin court shoes –
depending on the man.

I started my girls off right.
As soon as they put a foot on terra firma
I got them little Edwardian slippers:
pink sides with a white toe and bow.
I can still see them teetering along
with frilly cotton socks and Easter bonnets.
I have those shoes up in the attic someplace.
I wonder which box they’re in…

Nobody gives a damn about shoes anymore.
Will Sammy the Hong Kong mailman
want to seduce me in my red-rabbit-fur bedroom slippers?
Who’s to appreciate – Glen, my spouse?
What a joke!
He trots off in his Gucci loafers to work
and you might as well be wearing
hiking boots under your negligee
for all he cares.
So I head for Neiman-Marcus Shoe Salon –
‘the place for women who love shoes’.
If he doesn’t notice my fantasy pumps
maybe he’ll notice the bill next month
from American Express.

I owned a pair of Maud Frizon shoes once
that had cute fake watches on the ankle straps.
He kept mocking them by kneeling down in front of me
‘to see what time it is’.

Did you tell that shrink of yours
about the Calvin Klein princess pumps
ya bought a year ago
and have never worn cause you say
they’re too pretty to wear
or those Texan snake and pony skin
hand-tooled leather cowboy boots
that you wear to the supermarket –
did ya tell him that –
what does all this mean?
Glen always toys with the dramatic
rather than the mundane in our relationship.

It was a pair of white patent Mary Janes
that made me the way I am today.
I refused to unfasten the strap
out of its golden buckle.
I wore them to bed, to school,
to play in – I even took a bath
with them on once – they made me happy.
One morning I woke up
and they were gone.
Words cannot convey that catastrophe.

Last week I wore a sea-green
suede-fronded ankle-boot
on my head to a party.
I went barefoot.
Maybe this is a development.